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Update on the Novel

It sucked. In fact, it sucked so bad, I junked it. Yep, the whole thing, every word I'd already written is now trash canned and I've started all over from the very beginning.

And I think it's going to be worth it.

Not only was the first one bad, and I mean really bad, it was hard as hell to write and was going very slowly. In three days, I wrote just over 2000 words. Today, after junking the original and going in a completely different direction, I reeled off 3300 words, and they don't suck!

Well, they don't suck quite as badly.

Now all I need are 9000 more words by Sunday night and I'll be back on track! Or if I completely refigure, I need 2180 words per day to hit 60,000 by the 30th, and that gives me a little cushion.

Posted by Rich
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