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UT Wins against UAB

And there was much rejoicing...yeah.

In other news, UCLA, owners of a victory over the Vols, lost to unranked BYU 59-0!!!.

The Gators come to town next week, led by a Heisman trophy winner who actually earned that honor. It won't be pretty.

But judging by the running of Lennon Creer and the freshman Tauren Poole, as well as the passing of second string QB Nick Stephens, next season looks really good.

Is it bad that I'm talking about next season after two games and a bye week?
Posted by Rich
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BYU isn't unranked. They were 18th going in to this past week, and have largely been chosen to make it to a BCS bowl this year (as the non-BCS buster... i.e Boise State, Utah, Hawaii). Their quarterback (Max Hall) is a preseason/early season Heisman candidate. Furthermore, you can't compare games from week to week. For example, MTSU beat Maryland last week, and Maryland beat #23 Cal this week. No one can keep a straight face and tell me that MTSU > Cal.

That said, we should have beaten UCLA. No doubt about it.

Luckily for us, we are improving. We have the Gators at home. Never count out the Vols. Just ask Georgia last year.

Yes, I'm an optimistic Vol fan, but all of my arguments have reasoning to go with them.
Posted by Blake  on  09/15  at  10:16 AM

I hope you are right.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  09/15  at  02:46 PM

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