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We Can All Relax Now; All Is Well.

The problems are solved and now we can all rest securely in the knowledge that, if another disaster hits New Orleans, the response will be swift, sure, and effective, all because Mike Brown, head of FEMA, has resigned. In one swift move, we know longer have to worry about things like:
  • Mayor Ray "Potty Mouth" Nagin failing to follow his own evacuation plan by utilizing city and school busses to transport folks out of the city.
  • Governor Kathleen "CryBaby" Blanco failing to call out the National Guard and refusing assistence from other State Guard units, and the Red Cross.
  • Thugs breaking into gun stores, stealing every weapon they could get their hands on, then using them to shoot at helicopters bringing in aid, contractors trying to restore power, and anybody that seemed to be trying to help.
  • Cops walking off the job, turning in their badges, or worse, joining in with the looters, making sure they got their share of the spoils.
  • The local government refusing to allow food and water to be staged at the Superdome because they didn't want people there anyway.
  • The local government failing to call for an evacuation until about 20 hours before the storm hit.
  • The local government failing in fact to follow virtually any part of its emergency response plan

No, we don't have to worry about any of that anymore because Mike Brown has resigned. Forget about the fact that he had no input into any of these colossal blunders. Forget about the fact that FEMA is not designed as a primary response agency. Forget about the fact that this was the biggest natural disaster ever to occur in the US, totally decimating the infrastructure which a national response would require. Forget all of these facts, because we as a nation are not interested in facts anymore; we want somebody to blame and Mike Brown is taking the fall.

It turns my stomach to see America the Proud turn into "The CryBaby Nation" but that's where we are going. And don't think I'm just nailing the liberals on this one because the Republicans have been equally at fault. President Bush stood up and accepted responsibility for the fqilures of last week, a noble gesture that will help the Republicans in the next election and is completely counterproductive when trying to asses what really went wrong and how to correct it.

But we don't want that, do we? We want Daddy to say he'll fix it so we can get back to our lives and not have to worry things. Do you realize that virtually 99.9% of the blowhards pontificating about what went wrong here, or how we failed there haven't got the faintest clue about the logistics involved in a rescue operation this size? They're blissfully spouting off from a position of utter ignorance, which of course frees them to say pretty much whatever they damn well please. And so now we get mainstream editorials suggesting that the response in Florida last year was better because the President's brother is governor there. Never mind the fact that none of the storms were as big as Katrina, and more importantly, Florida sits above sea level. Never mind the fact that FEMA reacted somewhat slower in Florida, but nobody noticed because the state and local governments had a plan and actually followed it (Are you paying attention, Mayor Nagin?)

By the way, as an exercise for the class, compare and contrast the actions of Rudy Giuliani on 9/11 with those of Ray Nagin during his September calamity. That's the difference between a leader and a parasitic politician.

But you know what? It really doesn't matter anymore, not because Mike Brown resigned, but because of what that signals. The crybabies have won. We're going to let Daddy fix it for us. Of course, the tradeoff is that we'll be treated like children instead of free adults, but that's a small price to pay, right?

The Bush Administration has sent the message that they now consider disaster management primarily a Federal responsibility. Until last week, FEMA was a support agency, designed to come in and assist the local government in recovering from a disaster. After all the investigations and hearings that will take months and cost millions, the decision will be that FEMA will be the primary response agency, and state and local governments will provide assistance. That's right ladies and gentlemen, the lovely people who run your post office will now be in charge of responding to every disaster.

May God help us all.

When the cost of housing doubles because of new federal construction codes, thank the crybabies.

When your property taxes double to pay for federally mandated insurance, as well as the new layer of bureacrasy required to prepare for an manage emergencies, thank the crybabies.

When you can't build on your new property because some bureacrat in Washington has decided that average wind velocities in that vicinity indicate a possibility of tornado damage, thank the crybabies.

When you are evicted from your home because some faceless twerp in Washington declares that it is in a flood prone zone, making it non cost effective to protect, thank the crybabies.

When environmentalists get wise to the awesome new power of FEMA, and private ownership of cars becomes restricted because air pollution is "an emergency!", thank the crybabies.

Look, even if you think I'm going way off the deep end and you're expecting me to start ranting about black helicopters any minute now, surely you can see that the very mindset behind this basic change is terrible. What we are collectively sayig is that we are no longer capable of taking care of ourselves when things go wrong, and we have to have the federal government to come in and rescue us. Worse, we're saying we can't even take care of ourselves for a couple of days while the feds get their act together to come help us?

Have we really sunk that low? Are we children that need to be taken care of or are we adults capable of caring for ourselves, even, or better, especially when things get tough?

I don't know about y'all, but these crybabies don't speak for me. Taking care of myself and my family is my job, not some idiot in Washington's. If the shit hits the fan, and things really get rough, then sure, a helping hand is a great thing to have around, but we're not talking about that anymore. We're talking about a government that will tuck us into bed at night and turn on a nightlight to keep the boogie man away.

It's grotesque.
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