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Weather Bleg

Around 1 pm this afternoon, we got hit with a storm here that did things I've never seen before. First, the wind and rain hit suddenly and simultaneously, no buildup just an instant transition from no rain to a major squall.

The rain came down, well, not really because it was blowing horizontally from west to east. Visibility fell to about 2 feet. It was fairly impressive, but I didn't get concerned until the rain changed direction 180 degrees, again, almost instantly.

That caught my attention.

Pea sized hail fell for about 2 minutes, then as suddenly as it started, it was over. The wind and rain shut off like a somebody flipped a switch.

So here is my question. How close was that to a tornado? What has my really wondering was the change in direction of the rain. I've seen it switch gradually, over a few minutes, but this was within a second or two.

In any event, we didn't get any damage that I can see. A few twigs and branches in the yard and that's it. This has certainly been the most active storm season I can remember.
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