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Wecome Back, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! etc etc etc

The holidays are over, and as you can tell from my first post back, I'm in a peachy mood and filled with optimism, peace, joy, and love for my fellow man.

Or maybe it's just gas from the eggnog.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much or more than I did, although as presents go, it's hard to beat a beautiful grandson. I'm quickly discovering the joys of grandpappyhood, chief among them being the ability to pass Mason off to his mother for required maintenance. It's like being able to afford to take your new car to the dealership instead of trying to change the oil yourself.

More good news; we don't have to listen anymore to Michigan fans whine about not being allowed to lose to Ohio State again, thanks to USC. On the downside, the SEC is 0-2 against the Big 10, who by the way still haven't figured out how that 10 + 1 is not 10 anymore, which means we'll have to listen to ESPN brag for another year.

The Muslims showed their ecumenicalism by giving the world a Christmas gift when they sent Saddam Hussein off to meet Allah in person. You know, as much aid as we're giving them, they could pay a little bit back by teaching us how to make death row a short stay facility, instead of a rent controlled condo.

Today we learn that there's an investigation being launched because some of the men guarding Hussein may have taunted him as they lead him to the gallows. Obviously this is a problem, because Hussein should have been treated with all the humanity and respect he deserved. Unfortunately, feeding him toes first into a wood chipper was ruled out as being cruel and inhumane.

Gerald Ford achieved a greatness in death that he was never granted in life. It's odd how a man who during his life was remembered only for falling down a flight of stairs is suddenly one of the greatest president who ever lived. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but does it creep anybody else out how much the Democrats are fawning over a President who really was selected, not elected?

James Brown died, and I'm sure his last words were "Good God!"

I went to see the Rocky movie and was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't planning on going, but the buzz was strong enough I decided to check out a matinée, and I'm glad I did. I'm not going to do a big review, but I will say that the name of the movie should have been called Adrien.

The Democrats are now saying that in the spirit of bipartisanship, they're going to let the Republicans take the first few weeks of the next session of Congress off while they ram their agenda down America's throat pass the measures that are most desperately needed to strengthen our country. Like federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

And global warming has gotten so bad that we're now airlifting hay to feed cows in Kansas because they're snowed in.

So, did you miss me?
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