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Week 2

Ok, for those of you interested, on Monday, I completed two weeks of induction. I've lost 13 pounds on an average of 2060 calories per day, and a carb average of 14 grams per day. For the next week, I'm adding radishes, tomatoes, cucmbers and mushrooms to my salads, plus almonds and macadamia nuts as a snack.

First time around, I went from 305 to 227 in about 7 months. My mistake was thinking that since I lost the weight so quickly, I wouldn't gain it back. I quit the plan, thinking I could eat normally without falling into the same patterns that lead to the 305 pounds in the first place.

Yeah, right.

Chocolate milkshakes and french fries are from Satan.

I gained just over 50 lbs during the year after I left the plan. Fortunately, I wised up before I gained it all back, and I'm back on it. I kept a diary last time, and to try and duplicate that success, I'm doing it again. Feel free to skip these entries if you'd like, but if you want to follow along and see whether I can lose it and keep it off long term, as well as get a few facts about the Atkins Plan, come on along for the ride.
Posted by Rich
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I'll be listening, Rich. I got off the diet, too, and need to go through induction again. Maybe you'll give me some much needed inspiration. Good luck!
Posted by deb  on  08/20  at  03:54 PM

Atkins is forever. You can take a break from induction in stages 2-4, but you can never go back to inhaling fries and pasta.

Good luck with the diet - if for no other reason, you need to lose weight just to stick a finger in the eye of that jerk Fumento.
Posted by Eric E. Coe  on  08/22  at  01:58 AM

If you carefully count calories, figure out your steady-weight calories (a little algebra gives it). Then you don't have to be on Atkins at all, just any old thing with less than that number of calories.

Each 3500 cumulative calories short of your steady-weight number loses a pound, each cumulative 3500 over gains a pound. That's the algebra fact you need to use.
Posted by Ron Hardin  on  08/23  at  09:06 PM

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