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Week 3

Hit the scales this morning and was very happy to see 262 lbs. That's 20 lbs in three weeks! I've gone from size 44 jeans to size 40. I raised by carbs to 20 grams/day, and my daily caloric intake fell to just under 1900 calories. The calorie reduction wasn't intentional; my youngest som was suffering from shingles, which threw off my daily routine. I literally forgot to eat!

Since things are going so well, I'm going to add another 5 grams of carbs this week. I'm adding some extra veggies, like asparagus, spinach, and green beans, as well as some fruit, mostly berries. I've also been exercising 4 times a week, doing aerobic photography. I walk just under 2 miles everymorning, taking pictures to document job progress. Combining exercise with work helps me get around my lack of spare time.

For next week, my goal weight is 257 lbs.

A couple of weeks ago, I was accused of being an Atkins cultist, and what kind of cultist would I be if I didn’t try to gain a few converts to the cause? So, beginning with this update, I plan to bust a few myths about the Atkins Plan, put out some correct information, throw in a recipe or two, and annoy an ill-informed skeptic or two along the way. As you are seeing, Atkins works for me. It gives me a comfortable framework to control my eating. However, no diet is a magic bullet. All diets require a long-term change in eating habits, and that’s difficult to maintain, regardless of the approach you take. My personal belief is that different people will respond better to different dietary approaches. We all know people who can eat anything they want and never gain an ounce, or the guy who gains weight by just looking at a piece of chocolate cake. Since we respond differently to food, it stands to reason that we would respond differently to diets.

Now, if you’re skinny, or you have no interest in losing weight, just skip right along to the next entry. If you’ve tried low fat dieting, and it works for you, then God Bless, and have a wonderful life. However, if like me, you’ve tried the low fat approach and had no success, or couldn’t stay the course because of the stringent diet, then come along with me; low carb may be the approach for you.

Atkins myth #1: You can stuff yourself and lose weight, as long as you keep the carbs low.

This is one of the most popular myths people use to attack Atkins and other low carb plans. How can you stuff your face with high fat foods and lose weight? I t doesn’t make sense.

Of course, they’re right. If you gorge yourself on fatty foods, no matter how low your carb count is, you’ll gain weight. It just makes sense. But here’s the catch: The Atkins Plan does NOT call for gorging yourself with high fat foods. In fact, Dr. Atkins specifically and repeatedly writes that the Atkins Plan does not allow for unrestrained binging on any foods, not even low carb ones.

From Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, paperback, pg 123
When hungry, eat the amount of food that makes you feel satisfied but not stuffed

Again on pg 138
I encourage you to eat until you’re satisfied. Just don’t confuse being satisfied with being stuffed.

And again on page 143
Although there is no need to count calories, they do matter. Gaining weight results from taking in more calories than you expend through exercise, thermogenisis (the body’s own heat production) and other metabolic functions. Research has shown that on a controlled carbohydrate program, more calories are burned than in a low-fat/high-carb diet, so there is a certain metabolic advantage to the controlled carb approach. But understand that this does not give you a license to gorge.

So much for Myth #1.
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