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Week 6


I am unclean! Forgive me my brothers and sisters in Atkins! I have fallen from the pure path. I have lain with the harlot who's mouth tastes of honey, and who's flesh is sweet. I have faltered in my resolve, and failed to resist when temptation reared it's sumptuous head. How may I redeem myself? I was in a den of sin, confident of my righteousness, when the serpent tempted me. I ordered a holy meal, filet in a bordeaux-portobello mushroom sauce(9 carbs), and all was well.

And then she asked "Baked potato, or sweet potato?" I tried to resist, O my brothers and sisters, with all of my might, but the temptation was too much and I succumbed.

"Baked, and loaded," I replied.

She smiled in triumph, then added to my damnation, bring oven fresh rolls along with my salad (Caesar dressing 5 carbs).

The bread smelled wonderful, and I did take and eat of it.

And it was good!

Then I did take some butter, and spread it across the bread, and the butter was infused with honey, and I ate it anyway.

And it was good!

Then the potato came, steaming hot, with butter. sourcream, bacon, and chives, and I did eat it, all of it, and it too was good!

Then, to complete my damnation, the serpent came again, and tempted me with dessert. But, my brothers and sisters in Atkins, the last shred of righteousness within me helf strong and true, and I refused the hot fudge sundae; I passed on the pecan pie ala mode; I said no to the peanut butter brownie pie.

Bent, but not broken, I left the den of iniquity. I resolved not to allow myself to fall into such a terrible trap again; failing to resist temptation, I would avoid it. And if I should falter, if I should yield, I would move on, and resume eating in righteousness, not allowing my momentary lapse to end my devotion.

Hey, if I'm going to be called a cultist, I might as well sling the lingo, right?

OK, seriously, I'm still on track, weighing in this morning at 252. I missed the goal of 251, but I'm still dropping, even with my indulgence the night before. The thing to remember, as I said above, is that you can't allow a lapse to make you quit the whole thing. Eating 1 high carb meal won't totally derail your diet unless you allow it to. It may slow your progress, particualrly if you eat enough to drop you out of ketosis, but two days later, you can be back on track and making progress.

Goal for next week: 249
Posted by Rich
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