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We’re BlogFesting Again!

The BlogFest will be held at the Wild Wings Cafe in West Knoxville. They are family friendly, and have a smoking area on the patio outside for those who wish to puff away. We will start on Saturday at 6:00PM and end when they kick us out or the last blogger gets arrested.

Incidentally, there is a mailing list for BlogFests. You can sign up here.
Posted by Rich
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I may actually be able to make this one.... will give it the old college try!

Still waiting on those videos, by the way... wink
Posted by Barry  on  04/07  at  04:35 PM

Hey there, I'd like to join as would my little brother.
Posted by Victor Agreda Jr  on  04/11  at  01:57 PM

come on by! We'll be the loud group!
Posted by rich  on  04/11  at  05:56 PM

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