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What’s the Difference between Pro Boxing and Pro Football?

Football makes boxing look honest.

Flacco steps out of the back of the endzone in full view of the cameras, the defense, the offense, and a blind guy in the nosebleed section, but the ref saw nothing. The play clock expires a full second before Baltimore gets the play off, but there's no whistle. Rampant holding on offense goes uncalled but Kearse gets called for off sides.

The most insulting part of it is that the officiating crew didn't even try to disguise their intent.

I think I'll give upon pro football and start watching pro wrestling instead. Their referees have more integrity.
Posted by Rich
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Yeah, I noticed that Flacco stepped out, but there was no challenge, no complaint from the players, and no complaint from the announcers. At least none of which I was aware.
Posted by Blake  on  01/11  at  11:09 AM

That's why I continue to be a Saints fan. Losing teams are honest.....And I still know who to bet on. Go Saints!

Happy New Year!
Posted by Cargosquid  on  01/11  at  10:59 PM

The replay showed that he didn't step out of bounds.
Posted by Isaac  on  01/15  at  07:57 PM

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