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Why I Support McCain/Palin

On Twitter, Barry complains about all the negative campaigning and asks why people don't say why they support their candidate instead of why they are against the opposition.

There's a very simple answer to that question. Based on everything I've read, not only do most Americans not know what their candidate stands for, they don't care either.

I posted a question for all the Obama supporters to point to their candidates accomplishments that make him a viable Presidential contender. The always vocal Obama supporter Manish took a pass, as did everyone with the exception of vagreda, who gave his reason as "It's time to let the other guy drive."

That's it. I know there are several strong Obama supporters who read this blog, and none of them could be bothered to state any record of accomplishment by their candidate.

But they still rabidly support him anyway. Obviously policy and issues have nothing to do with their support; it's all about personality. And evaluating a candidate by their personality is great for a first date or a game show, but it's a very weak way to chose a President.

So to point out once again the difference between a liberal and a conservative, here are my reasons for supporting McCain and Palin.

John McCain has demonstrated time and again his commitment to our country, and has put duty and honor before his own needs repeatedly. Barack Obama has associated with whoever he needed to in order to increase his own personal wealth and political power.

John McCain demonstrated that his race for the Presidency is motivated by a desire to serve, suspending his campaign to deal with the credit/housing debacle. Barack Obama demonstrated that his race for the Presidency is motivated more by personal aggrandizement than the welfare of the country, offering to phone in his support from the campaign trail.

John McCain has stood strong for his core principles, even when that meant standing virtually alone, and even when it cost him dearly. These stands cost him years of torture and imprisonment, and more recently, appeared to cost him any chance of winning his party's nomination for President. Barack Obama has no core principles that he is willing to stand for, showing us over the years that he will say whatever it takes to win. To win the nomination, he committed to bringing the troops home as soon as he is elected, regardless of what the generals said. Now he says he will of course work with our generals to make sure that our policy is the correct one. Before, he said he wanted to ban all semi-automatic weapons. Now, he says he believes in the second amendment.

John McCain believes that life begins at conception, a belief backed up by science. Barack Obama isn't even sure if life begins after birth, supporting a horrendous procedure known as live birth abortion.

John McCain believes we must win the war against terrorism. Barack Obama believes we only need to end it.

John McCain believes that the primary goal of any US energy policy must be energy independence. Barack Obama believes that the primary goal of our energy policy must be to curb carbon emission to reduce the illusory catastrophe associated with global warming.

John McCain believes that dissent is a part of the political process, and that people can disagree him without triggering a vindictive attack. Barack Obama believes that anyone who questions him is a de facto racist and must be punished harshly.

John McCain believes that a man owns what he earns. Barack Obama believes a man owns only what the government lets him keep.

John McCain is tried and tested, and his record shows that he won't back down. Barack Obama has no record, and his own VP candidate says that he will be tested by our enemies within months of getting into office. The Presidency is not the place to prove your mettle; it's too expensive for the rest of us who have to pay the price.

I disagree with John McCain on many issues, so many in fact that I planned on sitting this election out. But the more Barack Obama revealed of his positions and his character, including the vile attack orchestrated by his followers and supporters on Sarah Palin and her family, the more I realized that I couldn't sit this one out.

I've done everything I could do to get the truth out about Obama and his plans, and it met with a great yawn of disinterest from Obama supporters.

They simply don't care about the issues.

So Barry, this is my answer to you. I told you exactly why I support McCain in detail, linking it to aspects of his character, his beliefs, and his policies while contrasting those positions with Obama. Now, does it mean any more to you than my explorations of Obama's policy short comings? His radical friends? His years as a player in Chicago's corrupt political machine? His utter failure as a community organizer and education reformer?

Posted by Rich
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I'm not sure if you are referring to <a href="" rel="nofollow">this</a>..I stopped reading the post you linked to when they got to the Ayers tripe. This is an issue that the polling suggests few people care about. I realize that you think its the most important issue ever and you have a right to your opinion. I would suggest that you read the Rolling Stone article on McCain to get another perspective on McCain's life.

As to why I support Obama..I respect that he chose to be a community organizer rather than take a Wall Street job. I know a few community organizers and its a tough job involving lots of nights and weekends with little pay. I respect that he agreed to sit on several charitable boards. As a board member of a non-profit, I know how much of a thankless job that is.

I respect that he has held steady throughout this campaign and hasn't shown the erraticness of John McCain. Between the "suspending his campaign" BS (where, hint he didn't actually suspend anything) to shifting strategies, saying one thing and then doing another. From not caring about a "washed up terrorist" to doing robocalls about said washed up terrorist.

I respect Obama's position on choice. I'm glad that Obama wants to end the war, instead of staying 100 years.

I'm also proud to support a candidate that didn't sell himself out to win his party's nomination. Falwell went from an "agent of intolerance" to someone to suck up to. McCain went from opposing the Bush tax cut because most of the benefit went to rich folks, to suddenly calling it socialism. ACORN went from being a partner and speaking at a rally to public enemy #1.

Obama still has one wife, and didn't run off with someone else and divorce his original wife because she was disfigured in a car accident.

Obama has collected a large amount of money from small donors. He isn't beholden to large donors the way McCain is and can do whats right without worrying about funding future campaigns.

Those are some of my may disagree, but I disagree with your reasons too.
Posted by Manish  on  10/23  at  05:52 AM

It absolutely does. I asked my readers a while back to list why they supported Obama, and I got little more than he's just a swell guy that offers hope and change. Thanks for that look at McCain.
Posted by Barry  on  10/23  at  07:09 AM

So manish, you believe if nobody cares about it, it's OK?

Wow, morality defined by apathy, what a revolting concept.

So, what did Obama accomplish as a community organizer? Did he improve anybody's live? Can you point to any achievement during that time? Other than a $100,000 gazebo and valuable political connections like Bill Ayers, I mean.

As for Obama holding steady, wow, you're so drunk on Kool-Aid you can't even see straight. Obama before the convention and after the convention is two completely different candidates.

And since you chose to bring up campaign suspension, how's that Hawaii visit to his grandmother going?

So you agree with the live birth abortion process and find that it is OK to allow babies to die on shelves in a laundry closet? Kudos to you for your honesty, but what kind of a monster are you?

That's all I have stomach for. Come back when you can find an Obama accomplishment. Otherwise, you're just another member of the Obama fan club.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  10/23  at  08:05 AM

<i>And since you chose to bring up campaign suspension, how's that Hawaii visit to his grandmother going?</i>

That's an unbelievable cheap shot and I truly thought you were better than that...go (expletive deleted) yourself.
Posted by Manish  on  10/23  at  11:55 AM

You went there...stop crying because you got called on it.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  10/23  at  02:23 PM

Dad... You are coming off as slightly hateful. I mean that with no offense intended at all.

I am going to help out Manish here a little. I was curious about what Obama achieved as a community organizer and went to do some reading. Now, Obama says himself that he wasn't able to concretely achieve much in that part of his career. I did read that he was able to be part of a movement that made it required to check for asbestos. That isn't such a bad thing even though it doesn't seem to be all that major of an achievement.

I would also like to point out that, and not using it as an excuse, he was around the age of 23 when he started as a community organizer. As someone around that age, I can understand the difficulty of making a difference in the world at that age. It is possible. I am just saying that it is hard.

My perspective can only come from the first person. He could have been in a different stage in his development as a person. Yet, I know as someone near that age that I am still very much in the learning mode. Actually, I would say that I am more so now than I have ever been. Does that mean that I can't achieve things if I were to become a community organizer? No. I am just saying that I can understand that he wasn't able to save the poorest side of Chicago at the ripe age of 23-24. He could have learned some very valuable lessons then though.

I did also run by an interesting article that I will link at the bottom of this post. Apparently, Obama studied a technique of public speaking specifically designed for agitation. It says that his first mentor also practiced this method. This may be completely false speculation but maybe that is why Ayers and Obama crossed paths at some point. It isn't far fetched to think that Ayers probably used the same techniques in his more radical days. If Obama is going out to do agitated campaigns to get people off their butts to do something, it is possible that Ayers would involve himself in that type of movement. It could have nothing to do with whether they agreed with each others morals. That is complete speculation though. I have no idea on the truth just like no one else does.

Here a couple articles concerning Obama's organizing. They are left leaning from what I can tell:

<a href="" rel="nofollow"><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></a>

<a href="" rel="nofollow"><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></a>
Posted by Isaac  on  10/23  at  05:38 PM

Obama is 47 years old. If his greatest achievements were the limited ones he had as a community organizer in his twenties, what does that say about his accomplishments in general? Why is it so difficult to find anything that this guy has done?

Is it because he hasn't ever really done anything?

That's what it is looking like to me.

But keep researching; maybe you'll find something that I've missed. I seriously want to know what our likely next president has ever accomplished in his life.

As for Manish, he chose the rules of engagement; he just wasn't man enough to play by them. I've got no sympathy for him at all.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  10/24  at  12:05 AM

I am having a hard time finding it. Did he really say that it was greatest accomplishment?
Posted by Isaac  on  10/24  at  12:01 PM

It's the only one anybody has ever been able to point to.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  10/25  at  01:09 PM

I know that is a very popular thing to say. Frankly, I had to go do some research on the matter because his past is a bit hard to pin down.

Some things that I read that impressed me:

Voted as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. From what most of the people say that were involved with him at that point, he was known for taking a more moderate approach trying to find the middle ground in a lot of arguments.

Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 570 bills in the 109th and 110th Congress.

Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 15 bills that have become LAW since he joined the Senate in 2005.

Senator Obama has also introduced amendments to 50 bills, of which 16 were adopted by the Senate.

Some of the legislation that he took a leadership role in are some things that I can get behind such as: freedom of information act legislation, increase breast cancer funding, and increase mine safety.

I also do like that he was a community organizer despite how much big accomplishments he may or may not had.

That is just a little of what I found and, admittedly, none of it is anything very major. There are respectable things that he has accomplished though. It can't be said that he hasn't done anything. McCain has just been at it for twice as long as Obama so he is undoubtedly going to have a longer laundry list.
Posted by Isaac  on  10/25  at  04:21 PM

Provide links to support your claims. Also, how many of the bills did he sponsor, vs. cosponsor, which means he signed his name to it? If you look at the actual list, taken from a third party watchdog group such as Project Vote Smart, instead of pulling unsourced numbers from an Obama supporter site, what you'll find is that Obama has not sponsored any significant legislation.

In fact, one of the "achievements" he is routinely credited with, a Senate Bill to gather up and destroy leftover weapons in conflict area, can hardly be considered controversial or unpopular, and was in fact first pushed by a Republican.

If you like what he did as a community organizer, then I challenge you to describe, without googling, exactly what he did and how and where he did it.

You like it; do you know what it is you like? Or do you just like the sound of it, the young black man made good who goes back to his neighborhood to help.

Help what? Help who? Help how? The fact that this guy has written not one but two autobiographies and we still don't know what he's done or how he did it or who he did it for speaks volumes to me.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  10/25  at  07:09 PM

Voters who are still undecided are clearly turned off by attempts to demonize either candidate. See the YouTube video below:

<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

for one personís perspective on how you can make a reasoned, thoughtful decision to support Obama AND vote for John McCain.


Posted by Dan Rust  on  10/31  at  11:50 PM

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