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Wobbly?  Like hell!

Wobbly? Like hell!
I was working out at the gym on Saturday and was listening to Pres. Bush and his press conference with the Italian Prime minister. Not only did he challenge the relevance of the UN, he compared that organization to the League of Nations! This after verbally bitch slapping the General Assembly with their own complacency. Their lack of reaction to his challenge only shows the depths of their decadence. Think about it for a minute. Bush detailed how Iraq is flouting 16 different UN resolutions, and the concensus of the General Assembly so far has been to suggest, you got it, another resolution. I'm sure Saddam is losing sleep over that prosepect.

"Oh no! The UN is going to pass another resolution! I had better let those inspectors back in right away!"

Yeah, right.

I know this may not be a popular course of action with liberals, and maybe even some conervatives, but all the President is saying is that the UN must act to enforce it's resolutions or those resolutions become irrelevant, as does the UN itself. This is not a radical position to take. Every parent knows that if you set a rule for a child, you must enforce that rule consistently, otherwise not only will the kid disobey that rule, he will begin to break all the rules. Enforcement of the rules entails the use of force, and that force must be administered appropriately. Like I was saying below, diplopmacy is powerless without a credible force to back it up. The UN is rapidly squandering whatever credibility it once had by failing to enforce its dictates appropriately. Isn't it ironic that the UN is spending far more energy trying to prevent the US from enforcing the resolutions against Iraq than in trying to get Iraq to comply?

Listening to the President speak before the UN, and again on Saturday, I was struck by the impression that he is laying the ground work for a US withdrawal from the UN.
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