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Wow.  That Bad?

Due to the overwhelming lack of response to my last audio endeavor, I have replaced the clip with a bit with much more entertainment value. Allow me to present for your auditory enjoyment a little 3 minute piece I like to call "Listening to Paint Dry"
Posted by Rich
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Do you ever get to the end of a length of static and ask yourself, "Why did I listen to the whole thing?" Yeah. It's kinda like that.

So what was the last audio endeavor? I missed it. Oh wait a minute. Does this have anything to do with the April 1 date on the post?
Posted by Doug McCaughan  on  04/02  at  02:05 PM

Sometimes if you have nothing nice to say, one should keep the mouth shut. I know you like blogging but there is life away from the computer -- go enjoy the spring beauty!!!!!!
Posted by TigerGirl  on  04/02  at  06:40 PM

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