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Yes, Another Exercise in Futility

Like Joss Whedon pitching another series to the Fox network, I am once again attempting to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

I'm going to do it a little bit differently this time. When I wrote a short story for Blog-a-thon, the requirement to post every half hour kept me going, even when I started flagging toward the end. So I'm going to learn from that experience, and write the story real time, on line. Every day, starting today, I will write for at least one hour. Also borrowing from that experience, I need you to give me a plot, a title, a genre, or an opening line of dialog to get this thing rolling. SInce I'mshort of time, the first comment wins.
Posted by Rich
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I hope this was a facetious comment - I see little to compare, especially where talent is concerned..
Posted by earrings  on  11/16  at  12:54 AM

My point precisely. The bombshell of the 60s, Monroe, could sing, dance and act, as well as being beautiful. Smith was famous for her boobs.. ..
Posted by diamonds  on  11/24  at  02:48 AM

thanks for sharing.....
Posted by bracelets  on  11/26  at  02:00 AM

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