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Yes, I’m Pro Life, not Anti-Choice

There are those in the Pro-Choice community who refer to folks like me as anti-choice. They do this for a couple of reasons. First, when you can label an opponent as anti-whatever, you get to cast them in a negative light. We were originally called anti-abortion, but we chose Pro-Life, because we stand for something. Similarly, the Pro-Choice crowd shuns the label Pro_Abortion to signal that they really don't like something as icky as abortion, but they feel that women ought to have that option.

The problem is that I am not anti-choice. I'm all about choice; I think choice is where it's all at as long as you are willing to accept the consequences of the choices you make.

When a man and woman choose to have sex, one of the possible consequences is a pregnancy. Yes, you can use contraception to minimize that chance, but it is still there. The time for choice is prior to having sex, not after. Prior to conception is the last time when both partners have an equal burden of responsibility and an equal share in the decision making process. After conception, the playing field is permanently and dramatically altered. There is no fair way to allocate responsibility and authority at this point and the current situation demonstrates that. The pregnant woman has complete decision making authority, while the man has to shoulder the responsibilities that result from her unilateral decision.

I'm an old fashioned moralistic Bible thumping old fart, but I believe that you don't have sex with somebody unless you are willing to make a baby with them. You can call that unrealistic all you want, but so is thinking that the proper solution to an unplanned pregnancy is to kill the baby.
Posted by Rich
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